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Premium Healthcare Packaging

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Wide range of standard and custom made primary packaging

We provide on-time, innovative and cost effective solutions for your products. 

Glass Primary Packaging

Molded Glass
Tubular Glass

Plastic Primary Packaging

Pet Bottles
Plastic Bottles
Plastic Containers
Single Dose Containers

Aluminium Primary Packaging

Aluminium Cans


Closures - Stoppers
Dosage caps
Dosage Spoons
Plastic Droppers
Plastic Caps



Dispensing Systems

Dosing Syringes
Vaginal applicators
Rectal applicators
Prefill syringes

About us....

Healthpack is a leading firm that operates along the whole supply chain, from the raw materials to the high-quality finished product and production lines. Our emphasis is on state-of-the-art service to the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Chemical sector. 

We provide on-time, innovative and cost effective solutions for your products. 

Our main operations are:

  • Market consulting and contract manufacturing in the area of cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Supply of high quality excipients and intermediates for human and veterinary use.

  • The provision of integrated packaging solutions to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • Design and development of innovative packaging including mould creation.

  • Design consulting and engineering of pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and cosmetics production lines

Most of our services and products are offered via a network of highly qualified international business partners. All our products conform to EU standards and regulations.
You can always count on Healthpack’s professional services to deliver comprehensive and cost effective solutions to your organization.

Our Priority

Top Quality and Customer Service

Pharmaceutical Solutions

Our standard packaging
products for pharmaceutical
use cover the full range of primary packaging needs for the industry.

Innovation in Cosmetics 

We offer innovative solutions that protect and beautify your products.


With the help of our international
partners, we offer services in Pharmaceutical Bio-Pharma and Cosmetic  design projects.

Trust Our Expertise

About 34 Years Experience on Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Packaging

Quality 100%
Customer Support 100%
Safety 100%
Innovation 100%

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